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New Acquisitions 2013~16 Samramansang: from KIM Whanki to YANG Fudong
13.Mar.2017 - 13.Aug.2017

The Samramansang exhibition features a selection of artwork acquired by MMCA from 2013 to 2016. The MMCA's entire collection includes approximately 8000 pieces, 932 of which have been obtained just over the past four years. Among those, about 130 works have been selected for display. The selections range from the works of the late modern period to pieces crafted by the vibrant, active young artists of the 2000s, allowing the viewer to grasp the currents of the artistic movement from past to present.
The title of the exhibition was taken from one of the pieces on display, "Samramansang," a giant installation by Kang Ik-joong. Meaning "The entire world, the universe, and all things," the title itself serves as an allusion to the expansive and free nature of modern art as it embraces all kinds of techniques, matter, materials and topics. The entire exhibition consists of four themes such as 'Samramansang,' 'Dailly life,’ 'Boundary,' and 'Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest' in five separate galleries.