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With the rise of new technologies, the photographic image has become ubiquitous in everybody’s daily life. Snapshots have invaded the web and social networks, media have endowed photography with an incredible ubiquity and play a key role in everyone’s practices. Photography, which was originally meant to reproduce the most precise details of reality, used to be a witness of its time, of personalities who live elsewhere, a forthright testimony of events. It has now been recomposed and has become so powerful that it has redesigned the universe of nature and art, so that everything is déjà vu.

In Camera Lucida (1980), Roland Barthes identified three situations that define photographic practice. In a shooting, there was the subject and then the viewer but the great absentee was the photographer, the author. Their role and function have evolved significantly, and they are the ones who compel us today to look at photography and grasp the political, sociological and cultural issues of the globalized world in which we live. Under the theme Roleplaying - Rewriting mythologies, the DPB 2018 studies the role and status of the contemporary photographer in its most varied aspects. The event presents works that are as many scenarios of the real and will focus on the sublimated nature of certain realities that have become, by their proliferation and the focal points they raise, new mythologies.

This edition of DPB has selected renowned artists from all continents, while promoting an opening towards the Korean and Asian scene, with special attention to emerging scenes.

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